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The Language Bee’s first post

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Be yourselfExciting times for the Language Bee!

The website is getting ready and taking a loooooong time to be planned, designed and uploaded.

It is taking me far, far longer than expected. Firstly, I had to buy the domain name, which was exciting enough! And then, I had to get my head around WordPress. Now that is a challenge. Thank god there are kind people out there who upload Youtube videos that take you through the build of such a site step-by-step. Easy! Well, that’s what I thought. How was I to know, how much more there is to it. And how much can go wrong.

Did you know, that having installed two plugins, can potentially mess up all your great ideas and get you stuck for days? Well there I was, sitting, trying to figure out, how I could get these two plugins to work happily together. I couldn’t and decided to reset my entire homepage to the default settings. Meaning starting aaaaaall over again. From scratch. Great.
One thing you have to know about me, is that when it comes to computers, I am not the most patient of people. So starting from the beginning was not my first-choice. I took it as part of my learning process and am hoping, that this was the only time, I had to delete all my work.
The fun part was collecting photographs from my existing folders (finally taking all these pictures is paying out!) and creating a little photo studio, photographing things I’m thinking go well with the page. I hope you like my choice.

Well, if you are reading this blog-post, it means that I have succeeded and the page is up and running. A first big step in the Language Bees life.

I can start teaching you English and am so much looking forward to finally going into business. 🙂

Please leave comments and suggestions below, I would love to hear from you and am happy to adjust my page.

The Language Bee xx

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