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The Little Red Phonebox

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The Little Red Phonebox -
The Language Bee Mascot

It’s time for a new post! 

Today I want to tell you about our mascot, the Kiosk No.6, also known as Britain’s red Telephone Box. It has travelled far and it will be travelling much further in future, as it will be joining us to many places around the world.
Bought many decades (!) ago in England by my grandparents and taken with them to the Netherlands in their caravan, it has now found it’s new purpose: To be the mascot of The Language Bee English learning school in Rüthi in the beautiful Rhine Valley in Switzerland.

The big brother of our little red phonebox, the original Kiosk No.6, was introduced by the General Post Office between 1926 and 1983. It was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of the coronation of King George V in 1935. Approximately 60’000 examples were installed across Britain. Over 11’000 of these distinctive K6s remain until today.

Klick on the button below to read more about the K6 and it’s family.  

Our Little Red Phonebox is our pride and joy and we can’t wait to show you more pictures and stories of it’s journey!

Do you have a little K6 too? Did you ever see one in full size? Write your experiences in the comments below!

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