Spring has sprung!

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My favourite time of the year is finally here! Spring is in the air!
English language has some fantastic idioms, related to this cheerful season! Let's have a look at some of them:

Language Bee Flying

spring into action

to suddenly begin moving or doing something.

„Every morning, I jump out of bed and spring into action.“

Ramsey Sunset Language Bee

under the sun

anywhere on earth at all.

„This is the most beautiful beach under the sun.“
„Isn’t there anyone under the sun who can help me with this?“

Language Busy Bee

busy bee

an industrious person

„Sarah is always working around the house. She is a busy bee.“

a spring in someone's step

If you walk with or have a spring in your step, you walk energetically in a way that shows you are feeling happy and confident:

„There has been a definite spring in her step, ever since she met Pete.“

Language Bee Easter Eggs homemade

a good egg

Someone who is known to be trustworthy and kind.

„Joe is a good egg. He always makes time to help others in need.

no spring chicken

A person well past youth; No longer a young person.

„At 89 he is not a spring chicken, but Dave is busier than ever.“

Note: If you describe someone as a spring chicken, you mean that they are young.

Language Bee Sheep

black sheep

The least reputable member of a group; a disgrace.

„Uncle Sam is the black sheep of the family. Nobody likes to talk to him.“

the grass is (always) greener on the other side

People often think they would be happier in a different set of circumstances (usually implies that the other circumstances are not really any better).

Jenny: „It just seems like they have this perfect life, always travelling and spending time together.“
B: „Hey, the grass is always greener (on the other side). I’m sure they have their own proplems that no one else can see.“

„The grass is always greener on the ogher side – the sooner you realise that and stop comparing your life to others, the happier you will be!“

put all your eggs in one basket

If you put all your eggs in one basket, you put all your efforts or resources into one course of action and will not be able to do anything else if it fails.

„Don’t put your eggs in one basket; study hard at school and always keep an alternative job in mind.“
„Never put all your investment eggs in one basket.“

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