Sunshine Idioms

The sunny days are here! I want to share some "sunshine idioms" with you, on this bright and sunny day. Do you know any more sunhine idioms? Or do you know any in another language? I'd love to read some in the comments below.

The Lanugage Bee Flying boy

to walk on sunshine

to be really happy

„Harry is very happy, he is in love with Sally. he is walking on sunshine.“

a ray of sunshine

someone or something that makes others feel very happy and positive. Often during a difficult time

„Sarah, my best friend, is a real ray of sunshine. She picks me up whenever I feel down.”

The Language Bee IOM sunset
The Language Bee orange rose

It's not all sunshine and roses

if a situation is not all sunshine and roses, there are unpleasant things to deal with as well as the pleasant ones

„Being married is not all sunshine and roses.”

a pocket full of sunshine

If you have a pocket full of sunshine, you have plenty of reasons to be happy.

„Pete has a pocket full of sunshine. He is in love and just moved into a beautiful house.“

The Language Bee Pocket of Sunshine
The Language Bee Sunshine


used as a form of address, either in a friendly way, or to express unwillingness to accept another person’s delays, bad behaviour, etc.

„Hello sunshine!“
„Come on, sunshine, let’s go we are late!“

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