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Winter Idioms

The Language Bee Phonebox Snow Rüthi Rheintal

The coldest time of the year has definitely arrived here in Rüthi in the beautiful Rheintal. 
It’s the best time to look at some frosty winter idioms.

The Language Bee Davos Naturfreunde

to be snowed under

When you have so much work that you don’t know where to start. Imagine your work is like snow, and you have so much surrounding you, that you can’t even move.

“I would love to go out for coffee with you, but I’m snowed under with work.”

Language Bee Flying

when hell freezes over

An idiom that refers to how hot hell is. The phrase simply means “never”.

“I’ll go on a date with you when hell freezes over.”


Learning in Germany

to break the ice

If you break the ice at a party, meeting, or in a new situation, you say or do something to make people feel relaxed.

“No-one had said a word until I broke the ice.”


Rothenburg Schneeball The Language Bee

a snowball's chance in hell

Something that has no likelihood of happening or succeeding.
Hell is known as a place that is extremely hot and fiery. A snowball in hell would melt right away.  

“Your proposal is too radical – it has a snowball’s chance in hell of being approved.”


The Language Bee Snowman winter Berneck Rheintal

to leave someone out in the cold

If you don’t let someone join an activity or a group, that’s like closing the door and leaving them outside in winter. 

“Toni was left out in the cold when his co-workers all went out to lunch without him.”
“The changes benefit management but leave the workers out in the cold.”

Nieuwleusen Holland The Language Bee

to be walking on thin ice

To be in a risky situation that can easily go bad.

“You’re on thin ice Pete! If you are late again tomorrow, you will get fired!”

The Language Bee Isle of Man clouds

tip of the iceberg

Only a hint or suggestion for a much larger or complex problem.

“These small, local protests are only the tip of the iceberg.”

The Langauge Bee Snow Heart

cold hands, warm heart

People whose hands are usually cold have kind and loving personalities. 

” She never shows any emotions, but you can tell that she cares a lot. She has cold hands but a warm heart.”

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